Last in overall health, last in infant mortality, and near last in life expectancy spending all sorts of money when the problem is there isn’t working.  5 out of 6 Americans are dying of cancer and heart disease with a quality of health that is among the poorest in old age.  America is in bad health shape, and sorry to say the church looks like the world too.  Financial and health problems are some of the most common concerns for members of a church, when churches have financial programs, a health program needs to be in place to insure the flock are being cared for (Ez. 34).  It is also a great way to help save and change the community.  Fighting the good fight of faith while we “Win Your War on Health” is for you and your congregation covering the essential steps to taking care of your temple, so you can be all that God called you to be with strength and vitality from a biblical perspective.  Whether your congregation is small or large this program is right for you.  

      We will set up an event called “Win Your War on Health” where topics include a biblically based program from 7 essentials found in the bible and science to maximize your health while giving you advice on how to put a plan together to succeed. The doctor will organize a 28 day challenge designed to get your congregation results along with three core workshops to address key health areas quarterly.  This type of program is offered year round to introduce new people to the concept of living to the max for God and getting people ready to accomplish great things with and for God.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Patient since 2002 and I feel better now than I did then! Feel great - maintenance (consistency) is the key. My XRays have stayed the same for 7-10 years."
    Drew Gosling
  • "Dr. Hydes is an exceptional chiropractor and displays great care for his patients. I came to Dr. Hyde with neck pains and issues dealing with post collegiate athletics and with his background was able to diagnose the problem right away and begin treatment. I would recommend Dr. Hyde for athletic chiropractic treatment."
    Christopher Arthurs
  • "Dr Hyde is amazing. The care that he's provided me and my family started with the most comprehensive -education I've ever experienced. And does it in a way that's easy to understand. As a former professional soccer player I've experienced a myriad of injuries.. head, neck, back, knees, hip, you name it. I've lived through pain most of my life. In a relatively short period of time, I've already started to feel the therapeutic and healing results of his treatments. I highly recommend him."
    Lare Arra