Migraines, Headaches, and Sinus Pain

Doctor Hyde has helped hundreds of patients with migraines, headaches, and sinus pain over 20 years in practice. Click here to check out our video testimonials!

*If you suffer from any of these symptoms below, we may have found a contributing cause and relief you have been looking for.*

Hyde Method/Hyde Test
This test and method have been used and performed to create, exacerbate, or reduce these symptoms.

Have you had headaches, migraines, sinus pain, or the other 20 symptoms listed below for years, decades, or even a lifetime; and did they start at the time puberty, at that time of the month set in or even later with menopause? Have you seen your friends and family suffer from them? Have you felt such a pain you had to turn the lights out, missed work, went to sleep crying, missed family gatherings, sat in the waiting room wondering if it was ever going to go away having gone to doctor to doctor, natural doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, eye doctors, MD’s and Neurosurgeons to Neurologists, put on all sorts of artificial synthetic man made drugs to cover the symptoms, CT scan to MRI, hospital to hospital, and even claimed disability; and they still come back? Are you without hope and told it was mainly a vascular problem, hormonal, genetic, or even what you eat or just all in your head yet those same doctors couldn’t prove or worse yet couldn’t find a solution? Have you ever prayed, “God, if you are there, please help me, why is this happening, and is there anyone to fix this?” Here’s how God answered my prayers as a patient, then as a physician.

*My Story - I Know How You Feel*

I had a migraine headache for weeks in high school that just wouldn’t away, and went from doctor to doctor with no results, the eye doctor even, and it would come and go for years; until I found my cause. I watched a teacher put their head down the whole period with a migraine in high school telling me if I majored in business I’d do great things sarcastically as I goofed off. Little did I know I’d be able to help her. My whole story is and much deeper, and may parent’s diseases that they could die from happened exactly at the same time I was studying them at NUHS proven by the court of law by EOBs from insurance and class schedule in court if need be. How about that for proof of miracles. I encourage you to watch that one on how my devastating issues where helped. I was studying with a Christian friend named Dr. Alex Aqui, DC our first semester at a coffee shop when a man walked up to me and asked what are you studying at the Chiropractic School. I read him the case study of cluster headaches with migraine headaches and exactly what the patient ate, his habits, to all his symptoms. He just starred at me and said, “that’s exactly me”. My friend and I starred at each other, and I asked Alex, “is this normal” to where he said, “God is in control”. I had prayed once to Jesus when I became a Christian months prior for the first time, “What would Jesus do, and where do you want me to go to school, and felt I should move all the way from Iowa to Lombard, IL, go to school and this seemed to be a confirmation in my soul. I wasn’t going to church, wasn’t reading the bible daily, and didn’t have my life together. I just read, “For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.” Col. 1:13. Just maybe I’d ask the creator and He would answer me. No joke. Nothing else worked. Only then things started take off. He controlled how you read this, how you look and how your body works, you didn’t even have a choice on who your parents were and how you were born, nobody did.

*Amazing Results and The Hyde Migraine Headache Sinus Test and Treatment*

Our testimonies speak for themselves so don’t just believe me. Those kinds of experiences would continue for the next two decades to where I started recording them, having good success in reducing migraines and headaches, having gone to seminar to seminar with the top chiropractors in the world trying to figure this out. Finally we had a break through to find where 20 plus symptoms were coming from, treated the cause, not the symptoms and had amazing results of relief 20 years later! I started to video the results. I even called a state board to ask how I would market this new treatment if I started a clinic in that state since had different laws than IL which said that it was fine to market it because the test and treatment was relatively new and those claims supposedly weren’t substantiated they said. But it was and had hundreds of patients over 20 years see relief. So I started recording them on video to prove it more. *Over 100 patients with around a 99% success rate in producing and reducing their symptoms on video to confirm this really works!* The truth is I don’t treat those symptoms. I treat the spine to effect the nervous system, so that the nerves, spinal column, brain stem, and brain can function, heal, and run normally. You see I take pressure off the nervous system where we detect subluxation on x-ray, correct and treat the spine to allow the body to send life to heal and function the area it supplies. The area where the symptoms are showing up. It wasn’t the normal chiropractic answer that I developed and results speak for themselves, and so do our patients. I haven’t healed anybody of anything personally. The power that God put in the body to heal function and run the body, the subluxation or spine misalignment just needed to be removed so that life could flow from above from the brain, down through the spine, out from the nerves to all the organs. Since your discs degenerate 90% quicker than all your joints, arthritis can from within weeks, and your spinal column is rapidly decaying on the nerves, a care plan from birth to death or from womb to the tomb should be normal. Preventing these blockages are better than just waiting for the effect. I just tried to get your heath back to normal and keep it there.

*If you suffer from any of these symptoms, we may have found a contributing cause and relief you have been looking for.*

Symptoms created and reduced with the Hyde's Test were:

Headache or head pain (cephalalgia/cephalgia), Early symptoms signaling a migraine or headache is coming on (prodrome), neck pain (cervicalgia), scalp Pain (scalp dysesthesia), nausea (sicchasia), aura’s and visual disturbances such as cloudiness, spots, zig zags, colors, double vision (diplopia), eye pain behind eye (ophthalmalgia), blurred vision or double vision (diplopia), vomiting (emesis), abdominal migraine (gastritis), throat pain (pharyngitis), irritability or anxiety, sinus pain in forehead (frontal sinusitis), sinus pain under eyes (maxillary sinusitis), pain between the eyes (ethmoid sinusitis), pain in the temples (temporal pain), loss of consciousness (syncope) or blacking out (vasovagal response), light sensitivity (photophobia), taste sensitivity (dysgeusia), sound Sensitivity (hyperacusis), difficulty speaking (dysphagia), chest pain (angina pectoris), arm pain (brachialgia or radiculopathy), arm numbnes, (radiculopathy or neuropathy), facial pain (trigeminal neuralgia), leg numbness (neuralgia), ear pain (otalgia), breathing difficulty (dyspnea), stroke type symptoms, burping (belching), dizziness, vertigo, salivation (salivation, glossopharyngeal nerve compression), tongue numbness ( paresthesia, glossopharyngeal nerve paralysis), and brain stem compression.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Patient since 2002 and I feel better now than I did then! Feel great - maintenance (consistency) is the key. My XRays have stayed the same for 7-10 years."
    Drew Gosling
  • "Dr. Hydes is an exceptional chiropractor and displays great care for his patients. I came to Dr. Hyde with neck pains and issues dealing with post collegiate athletics and with his background was able to diagnose the problem right away and begin treatment. I would recommend Dr. Hyde for athletic chiropractic treatment."
    Christopher Arthurs
  • "Dr Hyde is amazing. The care that he's provided me and my family started with the most comprehensive -education I've ever experienced. And does it in a way that's easy to understand. As a former professional soccer player I've experienced a myriad of injuries.. head, neck, back, knees, hip, you name it. I've lived through pain most of my life. In a relatively short period of time, I've already started to feel the therapeutic and healing results of his treatments. I highly recommend him."
    Lare Arra