Neck and Back Traction stretch discs made of 90% water in the cervical and lumbar spine that a bulging, herniated, extruded, protruding, and helps spinal stenosis, arthritis, sciatica, numbness, peripheral neuropathies, tingling, cervical radiculopathy, pinched nerves, lumbar radiculopathy, and low back and neck pain and much more. 

Decompression Table or any other therapy such as chiropractic or rehab has to have an evaluation first if you suffer from for neck pain, back pain, low back pain, sciatica, radiculopathy, numbness, tingling, foot drop, herniated disc, bulging disc, protruding disc, disc protrusion, disc extrusion, herniated nucleus pulposus, ripped disc, torn disc, arthritis, spinal stenosis, lateral canal stenosis, cauda equina syndrome, facet syndrome, radiculitis, or any other condition or neuropathy. 

My Story

I had bent over at 23 years old in chiropratic school doing a stretching program and I heard a pop - it was a disc. I ripped the disc and I couldn’t walk for three days. Every three months it would happen again. Until my left toe numbness is what I felt when I thought it was just back issues while treating in my last year of school a pilot that week who said his sciatica started at left toe numbness then progressed to whole leg numbness or sciatica. Why does neck and back surgery mostly happen on the left side? Your answer is alignment. I then had a few days later got it down my leg. 

I saw God’s timing. I started to get bowel and bladder issues because the nerves were affecting the organs; so I then wanted to learn as much as possible and went the top seminars and went to Cox Flexion Distraction while buying a similar table and it gave little help. Later I laid over a physioball for 15 minutes and that helped, so I did it daily. 15 years later that didn’t help when I got sciatic back for the first time and down both legs trying to dunk a basketball at 40 years old doing squats of 400 lbs since I had no pain. I bought a $100,000 in 2009 a decompression table that worked for a few months, then sold it for one that worked better that was cheaper.  That no longer provided relief after a few months and still had numbness regularly also going to corrective care chiropractic and scoliosis seminars as well. I started to pray to God, heard a knock on my door, being my neighbor from school in hadn’t seen in years telling me about decompression ideas they were doing thinking I could advance it way more based on his idea.  

Talk about God’s timing. I set up my system and my discs increased 1/4 inch per lumbar vertebrae while doing therapy while being x-rayed - this was without traction tables and had a 25% erection while I was doing it. It would go away when I was done with traction because that’s how much traction on nerve flow, it was producing to the point I bought software to measure disc heights and employ upright traction, laying on your back traction and laying on your stomach traction. We hung people upside down on inversion tables and x-rayed them, and it didn’t change the disks at all. Since your disks degenerate 90% quicker than all your joints like jelly donuts; traction is a must in the lumbar spine because the joints don’t rotate like thoracic and cervical with Chiropractic adjustments as much, as hip alignment with the high hip on one side is usually the reason why the disks pushed to the other side and one person will have sciatica on one side only that affects organs  on one side as well. My mom had left cervical problems in the neck, then left tumors in breast, left sciatica and then left kidney failure surgery done at mayo clinic in Minnesota with the next lab period In Lombard, Illinois on my dead cadaver in chiropractic school I had to do left kidney surgery on my dead cadaver and take it out. That was a sign from God to help with spinal stenosis, bulging discs, herniated, discs, extruded discs, protruding discs, and whatever you want to call it to develop a clinic that helps as many people as possible. But the nervous system waiting until it’s numb doesn’t just affect your leg. It affects your organs even before it goes numb. Much like arteries you only feel numbness down arteries and nerves at end-stage and it is affecting organs before it’s numb. This is why corrective chiropractic wellness care in the ABC’s are a must from womb to the tomb. 

Again the reason why it’s down one side or the other, or one hip or knee goes before the other is because of alignment. My family didn’t think the sciatica and numbness was going to numb the nerve to the leg and organs as well cause the organs to die. But it did. None of the doctors warned my mom that I would happen and here I am studying how it happens and having to deal with it.  All her orthopedic surgeons said don’t ever go to a chiropractor and they’ll paralyze you. Sorry guys,  that’s bad advice because your joints in your disks and ligaments and muscles need to be loosened up done rightly though.  I’d gladly compare my x-rays and MRIs after playing college football with your orthopedic surgeons in your medical doctors and your physical therapist. For the same limits as a medical doctor my malpractice is pennies compared to what they pay because they injured people more and of course are dealing with more end stage problems too.  

You have to watch out for what chiropractor you see and what surgeon you see as well, just like what teacher or coach you hire to coach your child having raised DI athletes myself.  Your neck and your thoracic spine can get adjusted really well and moves really well, done the right way; but your lumbar spine does not even rotate on the joints and they are locked only 5° per vertebrae inside the joint movement, and after that; rotation shears the disks. The reason why traditional chiropractic done on certain Drew vertebrae is not recommended is because the way the joints don’t rotate at C1 or lumbar spine. So consult us first before anything. Chiropractic adjustments for the lumbar spine isn’t sufficient enough to stop discs from decaying and degenerating, nor is it the best way to align your spine only because you have to incorporate the ABC’s. When your muscles are balanced, your hips are off and your whole spine is off.  This is often what chiropractors don’t tell you.  Your hip alignment is key to whether your low back pushes a disc, one way or the other.  Cervical and thoracic adjustments were great, but lumbar adjustments don’t work great for lumbar discs and traction is needed. So we have set up home traction devices that are better than my hundred thousand dollar decompression systems, and when that doesn’t work then you can use heavy machinery. Again, you can only traction certain vertebrae and discs and that’s why all your spine needs to get adjusted regularly. But don’t let a business or doctors convince you that buying an expensive plan with heavy machinery is your only option. Don’t buy into the plan that surgery is your only option without consulting with us first. Remember, my vertical suspension home decompression traction system works better than my tables for me, but for some people it makes it worse. Some people love the table, some people it makes it worse and they like the vertical suspension traction bubble. 

When you come in, we first need to look at the ABC’s of your spine and go to the tab to see what that process looks like first. In your quest to prevent, maintain, or help your health situation, please give us a call. Since I’ve been doing this for decades and I’ve seen people were they’ve had several back surgeries, and this is the only thing that helps.  Again, we are not against any intervention when it’s needed.  I’ve seen people come back 10 years later after back surgery which made their spine degenerate much quicker had they not done back surgery and this helps. I’ve had Marian Joy rehab nurses from Northwestern say that they paralyzed her brother with a routine back surgery. I’ve had nurses quit spinal surgery units because they couldn’t take all the damage that they saw from surgery. Yet again, if you let your spine go so far and that’s your only option it may not work out for you either. That’s even if you go there early it might not work out.  I’ve seen people come in for 20 years to my office every couple of weeks only for pain relief and not listen to our disc recommendations because they only want the neck the mid back and the hips aligned but the lumbar spine isn’t getting treated with traction and decompression while they sit all day on their desks or bend over all the time doing manual labor jobs; only to have bowel and bladder issues and come down with sciatica’s later.  We were able to help the sciatica’s and bowel  bladder issues with our therapy went normal; some of it got too far along much like your teeth can, and we had to refer to surgery.  

They did exercises and stretches only for muscle therapy after surgery because they only went to PT who did muscle ligament and tendon therapy. Not joint in disc therapy advanced to prevent your desk from collapsing.  

They came back several years later with the same exact issue. They went to spinal surgery for because they didn’t see. This is an ongoing treatment for their whole life.  I’ve had patients of mine that would not listen to me, felt great after I got them out of pain, didn’t want to do wellness care for years and they died on the surgery table the with routine back surgery.  I’ve seen people say I’m never going to go to back surgery and I said yes you are; If you don’t do what I say and then they did go back to back surgery because I couldn’t help them because it went too far.  Much like if you don’t brush and floss early and often you will; and even if you brush and floss your teeth really well, they’re still not gonna live forever and neither is your spine.  So we take the approach to take care of this degenerating body and living to your health potential by maintaining it well throughout your life, however, long you live so that you can live long because this is your lifeline to all your organs. So in your quest to keep your joints and discs from degenerating on nerves early, I pray that you’d find answers.  

I’ve had people walk in my office and say that other chiropractors and doctors said that it wasn’t that bad, only to come back 15 years later in really bad shape and say that I was right.  I’ve had patience come to me, and I told them don’t do back surgery, they went and did back surgery and felt much better, only to come back several years later, with the same exact issue.  Even if back surgery works for a little while; remember the disc above where you just got rods and screws and fusion is going to move a lot more and going to degenerate more and you’re still gonna need to traction your desk still made a 90% water that are degenerating; you’re still gonna need to traction your joints and discs and take care of it lifetime lifelong and you can’t traction all your joints and discs in your spine; they all will need to get adjusted and loosened up with Chiropractic care. That little disc trimming that you did if the spine is out of alignment, the disc may refill back where you had it presented the same or worse problems. This should change your view on squats, crushing discs, deadlifts, and other forms of exercises. 

Just like if you have one tooth left, you’re still going to want to brush and floss your teeth, and don’t think that you’re ever too far gone to start taking care of your spine without surgery. This is your lifeline to all your organs, that, if you have a really bad spine, you can die, bad teeth can be pulled and you can suck through a straw and get a vita mixer and not die. What’s more important, teeth or spine? Which one don’t you have a plan for? For the main life and death system in your body I’d recommend a plan. Again, dentist, oral surgeons, and dental implants are needed to do surgery on your teeth. If you don’t do hygiene really well with the hygiene doctors; much like that muscle, massage, physical therapy, and non-corrective chiropractic can only work on tissues or areas to a point. Here at our clinic, we try to address all of those issues for lifetime, life line, life insurance care through Chiropractic and the ABC’s. Since going to the assisted-living, nursing homes, and hospitals early is not my plan; Lord willing, you have to take responsibility and be proactive about your health and stay functional, healthy and at home;  if you’re going to live long and healthy - you will need great wellness doctors your whole life. We hope we get the opportunity to be that for you. 

Take care and I pray that not only may God bless your soul, He may bless your health.  Are the stories I tell can go on and on, the question is, how do you want you, your family, your friends, and your coworkers stories to be; and how can you help everyone is the real question. Be the answer by first taking care of yourself, and then telling others. And our quest to advance this area I’m sure it will look different several years from now, but for now we have really good programs, and have good success with conditions like this. 

Just come in for an evaluation  

In health, Dr. Rick Hyde.


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  • "Patient since 2002 and I feel better now than I did then! Feel great - maintenance (consistency) is the key. My XRays have stayed the same for 7-10 years."
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  • "Dr. Hydes is an exceptional chiropractor and displays great care for his patients. I came to Dr. Hyde with neck pains and issues dealing with post collegiate athletics and with his background was able to diagnose the problem right away and begin treatment. I would recommend Dr. Hyde for athletic chiropractic treatment."
    Christopher Arthurs
  • "Dr Hyde is amazing. The care that he's provided me and my family started with the most comprehensive -education I've ever experienced. And does it in a way that's easy to understand. As a former professional soccer player I've experienced a myriad of injuries.. head, neck, back, knees, hip, you name it. I've lived through pain most of my life. In a relatively short period of time, I've already started to feel the therapeutic and healing results of his treatments. I highly recommend him."
    Lare Arra