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When most spinal surgeries are left side, why is that? Alignment. How do you measure it? We don’t guess, we measure accurately. We measure every vertebrae and disc height and put it into a 9 page PDF for you. Birth position, lying for the first 6 months, trying to walk, sitting, working, and just plain gravity are the common culprits for spinal misalignments. We focus on proving reduction!

Poor Posture


Arthritis forms as soon as up to a couple weeks of subluxation, and just like tartar, you need an adjustment to loosing that up are realign it? Why because the joint and disc collapse 90% quicker than most all your joints that effect organs, so you better hurry in! What is the greatest joint stretch needing to be done by a Doctor of Chiropractic viewing your x-rays? The adjustment. Animal research by Cramer et al has demonstrated that zygapophyseal joints undergo degenerative histopathological changes within a couple weeks of spinal immobilization, or what chiropractors term subluxation. Osteophytes developed in the articular processes and degenerative changes occurred on the articular surfaces. This is why we recommend the once per week adjustment as the best wellness plan after a corrective plan of course. Permanent bone chips clogging nerve holes, although not often felt, can be seen on x-ray, but unlike arteries can’t be cleaned out as easily. That’s why wellness care is a must after corrective care.  



90% fluid in the cartilage means ripping, leaking, collapsing, and drying out and degenerating quickly resulting in nerve interference to muscles and organs. What’s your plan? Proof we can in studies done in our clinic and nowhere else’s show a ¼ inch in height INCREASE for each lumbar vertebrae! Spinal decompression therapy shown also with other types of care in our office reduce bulges on MRI is enough to say it’s ground breaking. This just isn’t for sciatica and back pain folks, the organ effect of spinal blockages and when nerves have been unpinched is ground breaking as well. This patient below actually gets a 25% erection while in treatment as well. Watch out Viagra. All organs are important so all spinal levels need care.  

Before and After

Before and After

Soft Tissue

While everyone loves a massage and to feel stretched out, it’s not life and death, but can cause pain. Our goal is your mobility, our advantage is proving posture care improvements on x-ray for the spine when the proper ABCs are done, not limited to the spine, but all joints and muscles. Full body range of motion and flexibility as we as strength and functional analysis is key to get you the right plan for a lifetime.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Patient since 2002 and I feel better now than I did then! Feel great - maintenance (consistency) is the key. My XRays have stayed the same for 7-10 years."
    Drew Gosling
  • "Dr. Hydes is an exceptional chiropractor and displays great care for his patients. I came to Dr. Hyde with neck pains and issues dealing with post collegiate athletics and with his background was able to diagnose the problem right away and begin treatment. I would recommend Dr. Hyde for athletic chiropractic treatment."
    Christopher Arthurs
  • "Dr Hyde is amazing. The care that he's provided me and my family started with the most comprehensive -education I've ever experienced. And does it in a way that's easy to understand. As a former professional soccer player I've experienced a myriad of injuries.. head, neck, back, knees, hip, you name it. I've lived through pain most of my life. In a relatively short period of time, I've already started to feel the therapeutic and healing results of his treatments. I highly recommend him."
    Lare Arra